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    Newgate BWSNewgate BWS

    Hello, no one of my own request was done but i try once again !

    It’s possible to make that ?

    It will be awesome !

    SSJ God Goku => Stay SSJ God Goku but with Transformation SSJ Blue.

    SSJ Blue Goku => Stay SSJ God Goku but with Transformation SSJ Purple/Rosé/White

    Goku SSJ4 => Become Goku SSJ Purple/Rosé/White but with transformation in SSJ3 Green and last

    Gogeta SSJ4 => Become Goku SSJ3 Green and become Goku Golden SSJ4.

    Thanks for that, and if it’s possible with Vegita

    Vegeta SSJ Blue => Become Vegeta SSJ God with Transformation on SSJ Blue

    Vegeta SSJ4 => Become Vegeta SSJ Blue with Tansformation on SSJ Purple/Rosé/White

    Trunks GT => Become Vegeta SSJ Purple/Rosé/White and can become with Transformation, a SSJ3 Green

    And the last, Yamcha => Become Vegeta SSJ3 Green with transformation Golden SSJ4.


    Thanks a lot !

    Bejito *O*

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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