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    So I’m using the New Transformations mod and trying to get the SSJ4 hair to be custom, but with the physics patch it stays SSJ3, and without it the fur is gone and my hair stays at base form. I have no other mods installed and I already changed the hair files. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Please help


    I’m having a similar issue, but with all the hairs. I’ve read the instructions a bunch of times, but I can’t figure out exactly what I’m doing wrong. The defaults were okay, but when I originally found out about the mod in a video, the video’s chick’s hair was perfect, and I have the same hairstyle. I’ve renamed and replaced the files, and at that point it keeps my hairstyle, but changes colors. BCS patches don’t seem to make any difference.

    That’s the video I originally saw. I want my hairs like those. I cannot figure it out for the life of me, but at this point I’m going to just message this dude and see if he’s using a different hair mod or something.


    edit: Okay, I just went go read through the video’s comments, and saw that it’s a custom hair mod he made and refuses to release it. So, that’s shot. Either way, I’d like to get the hair issues I’m having fixed.



    First make sure you installed the bcs patches needed but, i’m guessing you already did that.

    Go into EXTRA FILES then into alternate transformed hairstyles and eyes, pick whichever one you need then place it in data/chara/hum. If you go back to  alternate transformed hairstyles and eyes there should be a guide that tells you all the hair values for each transformation.

    If this doesn’t work then you’ve got no choice but to uninstall the physics patches.
    Also just in case, make sure you have the main file installed.

    Super Saiyan 1 = 297 (only hair will change, not eyes/face)
    Super Saiyan 2 = 298 (only hair will change, not eyes/face)
    Super Saiyan Rage = 238
    Divine Potential = 248
    Super Saiyan God = 249
    Super Saiyan Blue = 250
    SSB Kaioken = 251
    SSB Kaioken X10 = 252
    Super Saiyan Rose = 253
    Super Saiyan 4 = 256
    Super Vegeta 4 = 264
    Super Kaioken = 267
    SSB Kaioken X20 = 269
    Ultra Instinct = 270

    Example: for SSB hair style
    This = HUF_003_Hair
    Becomes = HUF_250_Hair



    For Logiick-sama, your problem can best be resolved by simply installing the BCS patches and physics patches for everything Lazybone has to offer, and then just replacing your EMD, EMM, and EMB files for the hair as a LAST STEP. That should get them to work, because the main file might have replaced your custom hairs with the default choices. For the transformations to work, it NEEDS default hair models… so replace those after you’ve performed all other steps, and it should work fine for you.

    For OsirisAnon, your problem is pretty different and I’ve had the same one before… I don’t use physics for my SS4 hair, so what I needed to do was the following and it should end up working.

    1. Install the MAIN FILE and then install Super Saiyan 4, its BCS patches, and its Physics patches.
    2. Copy and paste the hair model swap for EMD, EMB, and EMM files into the character ID that will be using them, with the number ID set to 256 for all three.
    3. Uninstall all Super Saiyan 4 BCS entries.
    4. Install Super Saiyan 4 transformation(s) again, which will reinstall with the proper BCS entry to allow for custom hair.
    5. Copy and paste the hair model swap for EMD, EMB, EMM, and DYT.EMB files the same way, and name them the same as you did in step 2, but add in _scd just before the extension…. For example, HUM_256_Hair_scd.emm, HUM_256_Hair_scd.emb, etc.
    6. Run the game and transform into Super Saiyan 4. It should now display your custom SS4 hair for the character you set this to.
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