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    Hi !

    My request is simple,a Beautiful purple and pink Aura for Black Goku to replace Golden Freeza aura  or Berserker mod aura number 11.

    That’s all 😉

    Thank you .

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    Black Goku + Black SSJ Pink by Seith

    This is a good aura, i use it for SSJ Rosé!

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    Val E RyonVal E Ryon

    This request is actually not as simple as it would seem.

    Most people have no clue how to mod most parts of the aura. I stumbled upon how to do it by accident a few days ago, and I still don’t have full control over the colouring as the mixing of colours (RBG-A) has to be done in hex code. Right now I’m pretty much the only one in my team who even understands what to do, and I don’t have the time to look further into it :/

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