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    Solomon Edge


    I’ve searched around the web but haven’t found a solid answer to this question.  I’ve been able to export a CaC female Saiyan thanks to Eternity’s tools, but I would like to give her a custom voice; specifically, the “Daring Adventurer” from Soul Calibur VI.  Is there any way I can do this with the XV2CharactCreate tool, or is there another method?

    Thanks in advance!

    Solomon Edge

    Replying to myself, but for anyone who was wondering, I was able to figure out how to change/edit the voice files in the game.


    To do so, you will need Eternity’s Installer, Patcher, and Audio Tool, as well as CriPAK.  You will need to go into the game’s files and extract data0, which contains all the voice lines for the game.  Once that’s done, save it as a backup folder and keep it seperate from the data folder you already have for the game.


    Next, you will take a copy of the voice file you want to edit from the backup (i.e., Female voice 9, which is F08 in the code) and save it in a seperate area.  Then, find the voice files you want to replace it with (i.e., in this case, the Daring Adventurer from SCVI) from a sound resource site and save that in a nearby but seperate folder.


    This next part is tedious, but necessary.  You will then need to open the DBX2 voice file you copied earlier (F08) in Eternity’s Audio Tool and listen to each of the voice tracks, and replace it with the voice files you have from another source (Daring Adventurer).  You can replace the files with any sound you want, but if you want it to be accurate, you will have to take the time to listen through and find the sounds that are closest to each other.  I kept a small list of all the voice files I replaced which really helped with organization, so I recommend doing this as well.


    As a heads up, the Eternity Audio Tool always seems to crash whenever a sound is played that is over 48000 dBs (I think it’s dBs).  What this means is you sadly cannot replay the sound you just replaced, and will have to start all over if you hadn’t saved.  As I mentioned before, it’s probably best to keep a list as you go.


    Once you replace every sound (in the case of CaCs, there are 82), save the file with the exact same format as the copied file (F08).  Finally, simply copy your new file and put it into your current data folder for DBX2 (not the backup).  You will need to go to DBXenoverse2/data/sound/VOX/Battle/en/.  (Note: if your game does not currently have this folder, then copy the VOX folder from your backup and put it in DBXenoverse2/data/sound).


    To emphasize again, for anyone who wants to do this, make sure to keep the extracted files as a data backup, and do not edit these files.  If anything goes wrong, you can always copy from this folder to place into your current data to fix any issues, so be aware of that.  Also, be sure to save your progress on your audio file occasionally, as you may accidentally want to replay a sound that’s over 48000 dBs and crash the program (this happened to me a lot).  Keeping a list helped recover my progress.


    Thanks a lot to Eternity for making the tools, and thanks to anyone else who found this helpful.

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