Would you be excited if Gt became canon?

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    I would more confused than ever, if they started including everything from GT in Super.

    Honestly that would be a nightmare. There are far too many plot holes in GT to account for, before they decide to pile it on top of Super. Plus it’s pretty obvious that they weren’t planning on doing anything more after GT finished. But with the success of Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F they needed to make something new. It does beg the question as to why they mentioned Uub though.

    If they finish Dragon Ball Super and end it on a fairly solid note, then it’s possible. But like I said they would have to fill in A LOT! Like why SSJ4 replaced the SSJ God and SSJ Blue form, and what happened to all the Gods and Angels, Why Android 17 becomes evil, after helping Goku and U7 in the Tournament, what happened to the Super Dragon Balls, why Kibito and Shin are fused again since they were defused in Super, and most importantly why Trunks has pink hair again instead of blue. The list goes on but I don’t think there’s even a slight possibility of that happening. I think GT did well enough on its own to ever compete or even become apart of the main story in Super.



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