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    Tutorial by mausi125

    00= The fight starts now !
    01= This is my true power!
    02= I'm not done yet! 
    03= Why you little...!
    04= Never give up!
    05= Summon all your power!
    06= You don't undertsant girls!!
    07= Don't Saiyans ever work? 
    08= Double it, but go no higher!
    09= I'am an android
    0A= I'll never forgive you!!
    0B= I'am a Saiyan, raised on Earth!
    0C= NOW I'am mad!!!!!!
    0D= I'am the stongest on Earth!!
    0E= Saiyans are a warrior race!!
    0F= I am... Super Vegeta!!
    10= Don't pick on my daddy!!
    11= W will not lose!
    12= Gohan never forgives evil!
    13= Don't underestimate Earth!!
    14= I'll show you the results of my training!!
    15= I'll finish up here
    16= Fine. I'll go first
    17= Tien, please don't dia
    18= Your power is 5? ...Scum.
    19= All right, who's first ?
    1A= S-Stoooooooop !
    1B= Burster is the fastest in the universe
    1C= Your life is mine!
    1D= This could be fun
    1E= You won't get away with this!
    1F= Popporunga puprittparo
    20= Let me awaken your power
    21= I must protect Grand Elder Guru!
    22= I'Il never forgive you, scum!
    23= It's curtains for you
    24= Bwa ha ha! Got you!
    25= Set your rage free...
    26= I'am your brother
    27= Who will surpass me?!
    28= I...I'm okay!
    29= No fair using your left hand!
    2A= *Silence* Ignored...
    2B= Papparapah ! Barrier !
    2C= I hate you. Don't bully Hercule.
    2D= Kakarooooot!!
    2E= I wall change the future!
    2F= I could ...
    30= Citizens of the universe , lend me your energy!
    31= I'm fine.
    32= Here's how I fight !
    33= This is the true form of the Shadow Dragon leader!
    34= Kieeee !
    35= Welcome to the end of the line!
    36= Your body is mine!
    37= As if l'd lose!
    38= I'am Super Saiyan Goku!
    39= Over here!
    3A= I'Il never forgive you now...
    3B= That's enough of a warmup
    3C= No more games...
    3D= Now I'am fighting for real!
    3E= Oh, well done!
    3F= Tu es notre dernier espoir !
    40= Unknown Item *DLC ?*
    41= Argh ! just kidding
    42= Okay! Turn into candy!
    43= It's like a Super Saiyan bargain sale...
    44= Yahooo ! Fwee-fwee !
    45= Cut it out already!
    46= Now I'am REALLY mad!
    47= Here, have something good!
    48= Dieeee!!!
    49= Now...I'am FURIOUS!
    4A= M-My Bulma...! How DARE you...
    4B= Quit enjoying the destruction!
    4C= Here comes payback!
    4D= This isn't a game, you know.
    4E= You mustn't do that!
    4F= I can't... It's all over... *sob*...
    50= Iam the prince of all Saiyans!
    51= You won't get away with that!
    52= My Ki is building... Overflowing...
    53= I'Il turn you and your planet into space dust!
    54= You must die by my hand!
    55= Unknown Item*DLC ?*
    56= I'Il use all my strenght to kill you.
    57= Getting beat up makes me cranky...
    58= You'Il never beat an android.
    59= Unknown Item *DLC?*
    5A= Get serious, would you?
    5B= You...are going down!
    5C= I'Il take you down!
    5D= Pointless... Here, I'Il end it all
    5E= Why yoooou!!!
    5F= Okay... Here's one from me!
    60= Can you keep up
    61= We're the one and only Ginyu Force!
    62= The futon flew...and so can you!
    63= You're insanely annoying!
    64= A god isn't what this world needs.
    65= I'am strill not used to this change...
    66= That's 4 Saiyans at full power...
    67= Unknown Item *DLC?*
    68= Je suis un Terrien fier comme un Saiyen !
    69= This fight...is truly pointless...
    6A= I wanted to kill you with my own hands.
    6B= Wow! Look at you! How cool!
    6C= You can't win.
    6D= Feel the wrath of a Namekian!
    6E= I'am neither Kami nor Piccolo now...
    6F= Purple Spiral Flash!
    70= Vanish forever!
    71= Bwa ha ha... Thanks for the energy.
    72= I'am not gonna be that easy!
    73= Don't you see the strenght difference here?
    74= You're not 17!
    75= Unknown Item *DLC?*
    76= ...If I can just reach my perfect form...!
    77= What a handy miscalculation...
    78= Can I be just like you?
    79= That looks fun!
    7A= Time to go Super Saiyan!
    7B= Wha-?! Wha-?! Wha-?!
    7C= Pan-paka-paaan !
    7D= Here I am! The Grim Reaper of Justice!
    7E= Guess we should fuse into Vegito...
    7F= This is Super Vegito!!
    80= Let's just enjoy the game right now.
    81= Transforming doesn't fix everything.
    82= Waaagh! Noooo, not that!
    83= Ugya-gya-gyaou !
    84= I'Il send you to Hell!!
    85= I'm the one who's gonna take you down!
    86= Unknown Item *DLC?*
    87= You can be the first victim.
    88= I'm...only a Saiyan...
    89= I will not let you hurt my father
    8A= Explosion Fist of the Dragon !
    8B= I'm pumped !
    8C= I hope that you get reborn as someone good someday...
    8D= I'Il make you a fine demon!
    8E= I can't believe I shielded the brat...
    8F= Release your ki
    90= Why is it always ME?!
    91= I...I'm a super Elite...!!
    92= Heh! What dirty fireworks.
    93= That's it! That's Ki!
    94= I won't forgive you, scum!
    95= Let me show you how it's done...
    96= Aren't I nice?!
    97= My power is 530,000.
    98= That offer's expired...
    99= C-17 and me I are twins !
    9A= You can not be serious, here 
    9B= Irritates up and show your power !
    9C= A transformation due to the power ...
    9D= It was as violent as I imagined !
    9E= Ah! What am I doing?
    9F= I 'll beat you soundly !
    A0= There, I 'm angry !
    A1= I'll just destroy you ...
    A2= Before the creation ... destruction ...
    A3= This is my best attack !
    A4= Still down!
    A5= An ally of justice in Hercule City!
    A6= No way I'Il give up...
    A7= I don't want to bo a killer...
    A8= Haaaaaaaaaaaah !
    A9= I'Il show you something special!

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    this list needs to be updated and it shouldn’t be hard to update it.


    that would make life so much easier


    Just saw your sig, and a save editor has been done.


    off-topic but i will say what i am planning is different and far more useful for figuring out how to add stuff.  might even allow for addition of stuff even.


    Hmm, I’ll definitely use it!


    do you know mira and towa’s z soul ids, I cant find it in my talisman_item file


    Val E RyonVal E Ryon

    Well, since there haven’t been any new IDs in a while I guess I’ll continue the list for now.

    Some of those are known by some of you, but they aren’t in the list yet, so I’ll put them here anyway:

    AA Get lost before I send you flying

    AB+ Quest Souls and Unknown Items

    CD The fight starts now (for some reason)

    EC Enter the Super Elite (Jaco)

    EE I feel it… a powerfull energy (Mira)

    EF Revival of the Demon Realm is at hand (Towa)

    F4 Whis, you’re stepping in poo (SSGSS Goku)

    F5 Maybe you’re just plain stupid (SSGSS Vegeta)

    F6 Let me show you my evolved self (Golden Frieza)

    Easy to find in talisman_item.idb, just look for ID 00 with search and replace. Only exception is Vegeta, type F5 00 05 00 D1, F5 00 has multiple entries. Interesting thing is, Mira stops working for me when I edit his Z Soul.

    I didn’t look for the new Master Souls like Supreme Kai’s souls, maybe i will some day, but I’m not really interested in them.


    here are the other Z-souls that you didn’t mention.

    Val E RyonVal E Ryon


    Val E RyonVal E Ryon

    HotWingsFTW noticed another mistake in the list.

    Z Soul 9E is called “Eek! Waaaah! What’ll I do?!”


    Does anyone know the ID for SS4 Vegeta’s Z-Soul?

    Val E RyonVal E Ryon

    Yeah no, it’s 68.


    Why is it in French?

    Val E RyonVal E Ryon

    We can’t be sure, but my guess is it’s because it was written by someone who used french.

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