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    I want change the Z-Teleportation Move from a Mod-Char (private) to the Z-Teleportation Move from Janemba but I do not know how.


    Can anyone help me please.



    And i want give an another variation of my Mod-Char the ability to automatically avoid the enemy punches as the Mod-Char Geene from darkchr. (Gods of Destruction Pack 1)


    I don’t know of any character who can “automatically avoid punches”, but it’s possible that you need to exchange the guarding animation of Geene with that of your character’s by using an EAN Organizer tool. If the character’s stamina still goes down when they’re “dodging” the blows, then it might just be a fancy guard animation.

    As for Janemba’s particle teleportation, it’s a vfx in the .EEPK file, the same type of effect that gets you Zamasu’s and Rose Goku Black’s ki blades. You also need to match that vfx for Janemba to his BAC file, which determines hit detection for his animation…

    You’ll either need to cut corners and take Janemba’s entire moveset in order to have that particle teleport, or you’ll need to work with a skilled modding programmer who can trigger your character’s moveset to request an EEPK… and then you set the EEPK to be the same one that’s used for Janemba.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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