002 HUF All Transformations (Less SS4) For Lazybone’s New Transformations

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    Heya, it's been so long since my last pack, right? Some things happened in February and this month, but to sum up: I was really unmotivated to do anything related to modding.

    But back to what you're here for, I know that some of you wanted this hair to be more like Goku, or more standing like most Gine fanarts, but I just feel like it could get bad if I do it like that. maybe when I have more experience, I will update this pack with a style more like goku. also I really wanted to do something better for SS3 and SSG, but for some reason the hairs that I tried to do was bugged and I don't know how to fix that (and I'm not brave enough to share my problems with mods in servers, yeah I'm THAT kind of shy guy), and for SS4 is actually the same thing, I tried to do one for HUM 006, but stay bugged ,whatever I try to do. And to end this description, I want to thank Sabian thomas (Sorry if I spelled wrong) for request this hairstyle, and sorry to take so long, (I guess, me and Johhny have more similarities than we know lmao). Anyways, before I leave, I want to give some credits to some people:

    ไธ‚แปฎฯ๐ž๐“ก ๐•ฯƒๅ„๐๐”ซ๐“Ž ู‚แป–แ—ช (or simply Johnny): Inspiration

    Lazybones: For the transformations.

    Grinns: For the False super saiyan skill

    And as always any constructive criticism is always welcome; so if itโ€™s something I could do better, donโ€™t be afraid to tell.

    Also any request is always welcome, so if you want something specific, I will do my best to do it.

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    Install this, this,and this unzip, and put the files in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 / data / chara / HUF.








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    1.0 - Release

    1.2 - False Super saiyan added (using ss1 hair)

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