006 HUM All Transformations (Less SS4) For Lazybone’s New Transformations

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    Firstly, please don't talk about the title, I'm not going to change it, because if I do that all the comments will dissapear, and I know that I said on my HUF 002 mod, that my hair was buggy, but that changed when I was talking with ไธ‚แปฎฯ๐ž๐“ก ๐•ฯƒๅ„๐๐”ซ๐“Ž ู‚แป–แ—ช and he taught me how to do a SSJ4 hair, so if you want thank someone for this thank Johnny for that.

    So thanks, Johnny, for helping me with this, and I look forward to learning a lot more from you.


    So, yeah, my mods were removed for some strange reason, and every time I tried to upload my mods, the site put me on another site, so I waited a little (for not say A LOT) and finally did it to upload, so, in a nutshell, I'm back (Yay?). Anyway, in the meantime, I tried to create better designs for this package (but I think most of you won't see the differences between the hairstyles) but if you don't like the new hairstyles, you can still use the old ones (use the folder 006 V1 if this is your choice). Besides that, l hope that you like the package, and if you have any critique or a request , please contact me on Discord (Rb # 2568), because I will answer you way faster than here.

    Until next time.


    ไธ‚แปฎฯ๐ž๐“ก ๐•ฯƒๅ„๐๐”ซ๐“Ž ู‚แป–แ—ช (or simply Johnny): Inspiration, for fix the Emb files for me, teach me how to do a SSJ4 hair, and help me with the physics of SSJ3

    Grinns: For the false super saiyan skill

    Lazybones: For the transformations

    Revamp Team:For their Teen Gohan SSJ2 hair used in this mod

  • event_noteChangelog

    1.0 - Release

    1.1 - EMB Files fixed by ไธ‚แปฎฯ๐ž๐“ก ๐•ฯƒๅ„๐๐”ซ๐“Ž ู‚แป–แ—ช

    2.0 - SSJ3 Added (Without Physics

    3.0 - New Hairstyles added for All Transformations

    3.2 - False super saiyan added (using the SSJ1 hair)

    3.2.1 - Forgot to update the files (I'm such a Dumbass ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ)

    3.2.2 - Deleted the buggy SSJ4 hair that I forgot to take out (I'm such a Dumbass part 2)

    4.2 -ย  Added a Improved design for UI/MUI

    4.3 - Forgot to delete the buggy ss3 that I tried to do by rigging (I'm such a Dumbass part 3, and hopefully the last one)

    5.0 - At long last I added SSJ4

    6.0 - Added a new design for SSJ1,SSJ2,SSJ3(now with fully functional physics), SSB- SSBE, SSRAGE, SSR, and small changes in SSG

    6.5 - EMB Files fixed for the newest hairstyles ( use the files on the folder "For V.6 Hairs")

    Known Issues:

    The back of some hair may look pretty weird, even with the EMB corrected files

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