1st Ever Kefla (v1.0)

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    This is the 1st Ever Kefla for CAC!

    Started working on Her 2 hours after She 1st premiered. [This is just a screenshot of Her for viewing!]

    This is still v1.0, so more things need to be done like, earrings, etc...



  • event_note Changelog


    I stopped working on Kefla since other members have created their own versions, and started working on a New Character.



    I've been working on a (New) Character for about 4 weeks now (on and off). I tried uploading a photo of this (Unfinished) New Character in the "Image" section, but every time I try to, it never works! [Always the "Oops Error!" page.] So then I tried the "Mod" section, and these jerks wouldn't allow it, after explaining the problem with the "Image" section!! >:{



    As I said earlier, She still isn't finish because, I'm still trying to find a way to make Her body tall, and muscular like Kale's SSJ/(Suppressed) LSSJ Form. For weeks I've been asking for help on this site, and being ignored, or messages are deleted! So I said [Strew-it], and started playing another game! >:{

    So who is She?

    • This is Kallifa, the Fusion (Dance) between Kale, and that other girl.


    • Because this ver. is more Kale than that other girl! Meaning, Kale's Full Power isn't being "bottle down" like with Kefla! She's in Her SSJ/(Suppressed) LSSJ Form, and can go LSSJ (if need be)! Which makes Her even more Powerful!! :^)

    K─ôllifa (JP)

    Kallifa (US/EU)



    The boots and shader are from other modders here, thanks!

    Also, using any cell-shading mods will strewed-up Her original hair color like in the photo! [It's not supposed to look like that!] :^(