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    Q: So, what is this dyt resource pack all about?
    A: It's a collection of textures (colors) that can be used by any modder, as long as they credit me or the pack (or both). I made the majority of the textures completely from scratch. The other textures used in the pack are either made by Dimps (the developers of XV2), or Goketer HighCeiling's XV2 Revamp Pack.
    Q: So what does this pack contain exactly?
    A: The pack contains multiple png files, which contain all of the textures/colors. At the beginning of each png file name, each person who contributed to that png file either directly or indirectly will be listed (It's just me and the Revamp Team so far). Next to the name(s) will contain a hex code. Next to that are some of the characters or costumes that use said textures in-game. However, if "100% Custom" is listed, that means that absolutely nothing in-game was used to make said png.
    Q: How many transformations (besides base form) are supported by this pack?
    A: Every non-base form stage that Dimps has made in-game, as well as alternate texture styles made by the Revamp Team (just Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan Rose so far).
    Q: Are people allowed to help you make the pack, such as submitting their own textures, suggest changes to the pack, or just request stuff in general?
    A: Absolutely. You can do all of that in my discord server (#requests-submissions) or on this page's chat. If you directly contribute to the pack by submitting your own textures, I will be sure to credit you in the pack. I don't have to be the only one working on this like I have been, so any help would be appreciated.
    Q: Can I find your texture resource pack in the Citadel modding server?
    A: Yes. Look for it in #usable-resources.
    Q: Do I have to ask permission to use the dyt colors in my public mod(s)?
    A: Absolutely not. You do not have to ask for my permission to use the textures. However, you DO need to credit me, the XV2 Revamp Team (because some of their textures are used in this resource pack), and/or the pack itself.

    I've started this pack about a year ago, and I really wished that I posted the project on this site as soon as I started! XD Lots of modders have been using my textures for a long time since my WIP pack was available on various Discord servers. But now I think the pack has gotten big enough that I can post it on a site as well-known and popular as this! 😀 I also have a Discord server for those who are interested in joining. https://discord.gg/6tEtFMW

    People who contributed to the pack (either directly or indirectly):

    345boneshoss (Me), Revamp Team

    I've worked on this pack all on my own for so long, so I would really appreciate some collaboration! Hit me up at 345boneshoss#8427 on Discord if you're interested!

    *NOTE: The models shown in the thumbnail are all Revamp models I edited, mostly to showcase the dyt texture pack. Now you know where they came from! ;)

    Plans for Version 2 (release date not decided): Hit colors, HUM/SYM colorable eye and hair colors, the rest of the Android colors, and extra additions I haven't planned just yet.

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    It's just a zip file. Not an actual mod, but a resource that can be used for other mods.

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    Version 1 (8/12/2019): Public Xenoversemods Release

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