5th Form Frieza’s Voicepack

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    Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/o1q6wWHlwYE

    It always bugged me off to play Funfordiego's mod "Frieza 5th form (DB Multiverse)" without that cool robotic like voice that 5th form Cooler have, so I decided togive this Frieza space marine tone.

    Since I didn't got any contact with the author of that mod I can only upload the audio files. It wouldnt be cool to reupload his mod without permission.

    An update is planned.

    Ps: how to use those eye beams anyway? That thing almost never hits. It's always missing the target even stopped. So frustrating)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    First, unpack.

    Open "Frieza (DB Multiverse).x2m"(https://xenoversemods.com/mods/x2mfrieza-5th-form-db-multiverse/) on the "xv2characreat.exe"

    (You can do the same with "Golden Frieza (DB Multiverse).x2m" if you want to mod both. I didn't done it because I find golden frieza somenthing ugly and disgusting.)

    On the Files tab, go to the audio adress, click change and select the Audio folder On additional data adress, select the Jungle folder

    On the Slots tab you will see Voice1 and Voice2. Mark the Use Custom Audio box and select the DOMON_1 and DOMON_2 (both files cortesy from Negi Springedfield, before I modded then)

    Select "Listen Language", put on "English" and test it clicking on the "Listen" bottons. If it works then move on.

    Now click on the CSO tab

    On the field VOX, write "CAR_BTL_FR5_VOX"

    On the field Skills, "FR5"

    Now, to make it perfect, the hard part

    Click SEV tab

    Check Enable SEV

    Change Mode Simples to Mode Custom Click on Get Char Entry, then From Game, select FR5 - Frieza(Full Power) - Any

    Below "My Costume Index -1" you will see "Character 0". Click there and you will see multiple "Characters" options.

    Select Character 60, then click on Remove. Do so until theer's only "Character 0" There other "Characters" are from special interactions voices that I couldn't find how to edit, unfortunally. The "Character 0" is the generic one and works.

    If you want to test, "Listen Language", then "English" but most importantly: DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ON "CUSTOM AUDIO". Let it be [None] on both camps.

    Save it and reinstall on the x2minstaller. Now go try out in the game.