Accurate FighterZ Reshade Pack + Resources

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    Finally! My biggest project yet! Thanks to the lovely modders at the lovely FighterZ Modding Discord server! I was able to get a resource of ALL the textures of the characters so far! This project is a Work in Progress as more characters are being released in FighterZ. And yes, I might add textures for other characters using the resources of FighterZ. This project took me about a month to accurately replicate the colors onto Xenoverse 2 and now you can too! With the resources image I attached with the pack.

    Speaking of which, the images shown are models made by Goketer and the Revamp Team. So I also attached the dyts for Xeno Goku so yeah. Enjoy. I may not be active since class will start next week and I gotta get back on that university grind so I'll update this mod when I can! I hope you all like it guys! I really worked hard on this! If you want to join Kai's FighterZ textures Discord server then by all means!


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    Take the date folder and post that baby in Xenoverse 2 directory.

  • event_noteChangelog

    v3 - Added textures for Android 21, Majuub and DBS Broly. Also added an additional texture for Aserithil's Final Form Mira No Fur mod. So credits to him for an amazing mod! In regards to fixes, Kai was able to fix the Vegeta Namek Saga battle suit textures. For some reason the textures were merged with his training suit slot which is weird.

    v2 - Added additional textures for more characters, such as Kefla, Goku (UI), Super Saiyan God Vegeta, Gogeta (DBZ & DBS) and more! Thanks to Kai's assistance on getting this done faster! Without him, I couldn't do it without him! More textures for additional characters coming soon!