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    Hey! I'm Søul and this is my first mod for Xenoverse 2!

    So I saw SSJ4 Goku had unique furry hands. I thought it was unfair that we dont get that, so I made it!

    The X2M just updates the Super Saiyan All (SSJ4) Skill from Lazybones New Transformations and makes it so that HUM 747 (SSJ4 Suit) is loaded instead of nothing at all. The 7zip file contains HUM 747, the fur hands instead of the gi wristbands. There is also a colorable version too!

    I sincerely hope you enjoy this mod! Sorry the install is a little clunky T-T

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Download and unzip the [Standard] or [Colorable] 7zip file, extract and place the contents into your Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2datacharaHUM folder. Easy, right?

    Then just install the X2M with XVINS and BAM! You're done!

    Maybe my next mod install will be simpler, sorry!



  • event_noteChangelog

    1.0 - Release 02/09/20 Nothin' yet, gimme some feedback!


    [1.1] Added an alternate option! You can download the hands replacer (what you've been using with this) and now, theres a bust replacer. The bust replacer makes it so it only replaces the bust but the bust has the fur on the hands. So now, your gloves dont disappear, AND you still get the fur on the hand. Great, right? Enjoy!

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  • UploaderSøul
  • ModderSøul- I want to thank and give credit to EVERYONE in the Citadel Discord Server! Yagi and Loot Crate especially! I bugged the crap outta those too :p I owe them all a HUGE debt for this!!
  • Mod Version1.0
  • Supported Game VersionV1.14.00 and above, hopefully :)
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  • UpdatedMar 19, 2020
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