Added Custom PQ: Call of the Strongest [X2M]

  • description Description

    Well here it is, this one took a bunch of time to make but after enough grueling hours and hours of bug testing it is complete, a noteable thing about this mission is the nullification of items for a duration of the quest. This quest is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT AND REQUIRES DLC PACK 4 "SUPER PACK 4" IN ORDER TO SHOWUP


  • speaker_notes Installation
    • Open RaR file
    • Open your Xenoverse 2 directory
    • Make sure the latest Xv2 patcher by eternity IS installed
    • Click inside the RaR file
    • Then go back to the RaR file and open the X2M folder -Install the X2M's with XV2 Mod installer
    • Done
  • event_note Changelog

    1/16/19 - UPDATED FORUM PAGE

    1: -------------- -Start -------------- 1.01: -------------- -null -------------- 1.02: (BUILD USED IN VIDEO: -------------- -null -------------- 2.0: -------------- -Buffed an Enemy -Updated Version No. -Changed certain text -Changed an Enemy -Updated Requirement -Release --------------