Added new hairstyle in CAC Customization menu

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    Description :

    Hi, this mod allows you to get new hairstyles in your CAC Customization menu. In fact, instead of replacing one that already exist, you'll have the new ones in addition. The first one added in on "hairstyle 27", when the last original if on 26.

    This is one of my first mod, so sorry if there is issues that I didn't see coming. However, if you want more hairstyle for you CAC, don't hesitate to tell so, I'll try to add them in this mod !

    For now, only the SYM/HUM has the new ones, but the SYF/HUF is coming soon for those hairstyles.

    I'm not sure since I only begin, but I'm not sure that it is compatible is any mod that's modifying .bcs files since I had to edit it.

    DB Legends Wig Pack mod from oODemonBoyOo

  • speaker_notes Installation

    How to install :

    You have two ways to install the mod : the x2m using the Eternity Patcher or the Manual Installation folder. With the last one, you just have to put the data folder inside your game folder.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 - Mod released using oODemonboyOo's hairstyles mod : Broly (Fury), Shallot, Shallot (SS), Teen Gohan (SS), Trunks (ST), Trunks Ponytail (SS). Only for SYM/HUM for now.