[alpha test] SYM-SYF HUM-HUF lobby tail animation

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    Hi there;

    this mod makes the saiyan (or human if you want) tail animated in the lobby for both male and female without change their original idle animations.

    With this mod character's feet don't't go through the floor but there are other bugs (listed below) that don't bother me.

    If anyone has the time and want to help with these bugs let me know!

    This mod only contain the .ean files for the lobby, for male tail (.esk and uniform with tail) check this mod not made by me, for female tail check my next mod.

    Again thank to olganix tools!


  • event_note Changelog

    v 0.1 alpha test.

    known bugs:

    • character doesn't jump (only in the lobby);
    • sometimes the character seems to disappear, just move to make it reappear (only in the lobby).

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  • Versionv 0.1 alpha test
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  • UpdatedJul 27, 2016
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