Alternative Post-DBZ Pack (Replacements)

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    This mod is intended to be an alternative for those who dislike the additions of Dragon Ball Super's designs and concepts, it is in no way meant to spite Dragon Ball Super fans, there is an overabundance of mods out there that contains DBS content for you to enjoy to your hearts content. So I ask that you please keep the abusive comments directed to those who have different tastes and opinions than you to yourself, otherwise rate this as low as you want.

    Mod Contents

    New Concept:

    - Super Charged Super Saiyan; A form similar to potential unleashed which is given to Saiyans by Whis, appearence-wise the user stays the same as they would in their regular transformed state.


    - Both Whis outfit Goku and Vegeta have been replaced with their Z uniforms.

    - Super Charged Super Saiyan Goku with golden aura (replaces SSGSS Goku).

    - Super Charged Super Saiyan Vegeta with golden aura (replaces SSGSS Vegeta).

    - Super Charged Super Saiyan Kaioken Goku (replaces SSG Goku).

    - Golden Super Saiyan 4 Goku with golden aura.

    - Golden Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta with golden aura.

    - Golden Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta with golden aura.

    - Golden Legendary Super Saiyan Broly with golden aura.

    - Majin Frieza with purple villainous aura (replaces Golden Frieza).

    - Green Omega Shenron (Earth Dragon Balls absorbed) with SSJ3-style aura.

    - Perfect Cell now has a golden aura like he does in the anime.

    - Super Perfect Cell now has a golden aura with electricity flashes like he does in the anime.


    - Super Saiyan Vegeta wig (replaces SSGSS Vegeta wig)

    - Super Charged Super Saiyan Kaioken Goku wig (replaces SSGSS Goku wig)

    Author Notes and Credits

    I incorporated weard123's golden shader (used in his SSJ5 mods for XV1) for the Golden Super Saiyan 4s, otherwise everything else I created from scratch, some are even ports of my own mods from XV1, such as Golden Broly and Green Omega Shenron which can be found here:

    Certain files will have to be updated after future DLC updates, such as the character selection portraits file.

    REGARDING X2M FORMAT AND FUTURE UPDATE: - Your requests for an X2M format version have not gone unnoticed, and know that this is something I am going to look into once all of the DLC updates have been released, as it takes quite a bit of work having to constantly update a mod such as this due to compatibility updates.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    If unsure on how to add mods to Xenoverse 2 then visit or websearch "how to install Xenoverse 2 mods.

  • event_note Changelog

    1.1 - Fixed wigs for all races (as they were incorrectly named for all races except human males)

    1.2 - Fixed Namekian wigs, the odd CaC race out that dimps decided to do the wigs differently for.

    1.3 - Fixed in-battle portraits.

    1.4 - Updated to function with game version 1.05 (DLC 02). Lobby voice cues have been edited, Goku and Vegeta will no longer mention/brag about being "Super Saiyan Gods", Frieza no longer mentions anything about a Golden Form, and Hit no longer mentions anything to do with doughnuts.

    1.4.1 - No more doughnuts, for real this time!

    1.4.2 - Fixed mix up with Hit and Goku Black's lobby voice cues.

    1.4.3 - Fixed wigs for all races (as they were incorrectly named for all races except human males), previous update contained pre-1.1 update.

    1.5 - Updated to function with game version 1.06 (DLC 03).

    1.5.2 - Fixed Super Kaioken Aura.

    1.6 - Updated to function with game version 1.07, with new battle damaged Super Charged Super Saiyan Goku variant.

    1.7 - Fixed Trunks DLC Story transformation visuals. (black textures were appearing when he transforms in the cutscene, now fixed). - Replaced "Vegito Blue" with Super Charged Super Saiyan Vegito. - Replaced "Goku Black" with Shadow Goku.

    1.7.1 - Fixed in battle character portraits.

    1.7.2. - Removed Vegito "SSJGSSJ" replacement models which were not supposed to be included in the pack as they are still WIP, shaders are still included so it gives him the proper SSJ appearance (GOLD).

    1.7.3. - Updated for game version 1.08

    1.7.4. - Fixed Super Charged Super Saiyan Aura

    1.7.5. - Updated for game version 1.09

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