Android Summer Pack DLC MOD

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    I myself have had the work of assembling and characterizing this new DLC Mod Pack

    Android Summer Pack (DLC Mod) Missing make some changes is semi good with some animation bugs and comes with a bonus CaC for HUF / SYF coming soon for Female Majin.

    Missing things to do: Put the Summer Package Angels all of them Bikini also miss the animation of Android 21 her hair crosses the body

    DBXV 1: Android 18 (Bikini) replaces the slot of Android # 17, and replaces the voice as well. Android 21 (Bikini) & Majin Android # 21 (Bikini) replaces the slot of Android # 18, and is also replaced by the voice of Towa.

    The clothes CaC DBXV1: Bikini No. 18 replaces Trunks GT clothing. Bikini from Android No. 21 replaces Chi-Chi's outfit. Majin's Bikini No. 21 replaces Mumia's clothing.

    DBXV 2: Android 18 (Bikini) New Slot Android 21 & Majin Android # 21 (Bikini) New Slot

    The clothes CaC DBXV2: Bikini of the Android Nº18 Addon Bikini of the Android Nº21 Addon Bikini by Majin Android 21 Addon

    Installation DBXV 1: data2 data3

    Installation DBXV 2: X2m

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    Converted from my page into xnalara And I wanted to know the reason for excluding this mod, I posted it and when I woke up earlier today it was no longer in the posts.