Anime Friendly Aura Correction

  • description Description

    So basically this is an aura correction for some of the vanilla characters listed below. Also this will affect other mods that are using the vanilla auras.


    Saiyans and HumansNow both of them have white auras for their base similar to the anime and fighterZ.

    Super Saiyan 4 characters : all of them have got a Custom made yellow aura.

    Full power CellHe has the Super Saiyan 2 aura.

    Golden Frieza and Golden formthey got a much more impactful aura.

    Potential unleashednow has extra lightning effects (Similar to DBZ and FighterZ)


    huge credits to Azura for the method and allowing me to use his auras. Also you need his aura pack for the mod to work at all otherwise the auras would be invisible

  • speaker_notes Installation

    go to your Xenoverse 2 Direction-> data-> system-> replace "Aura_setting.aur" with my version and you're ready to go

  • event_note Changelog

    1.0 : initial release

    1.1 : Classic Aura_setting.aur added for those who ran into problem