Anime ost for fights, and dbz ost for cinematics

  • descriptionDescription

    Hi there, so this is my first mod.

    Basically, this mod replace all the fights ost with ost from different anime and also replace ost from all cinematcs with original Japanese dbz ost.

    I think the finish is pretty cool and I'm pretty proud of it because I really wanted to find ost that fit as much as possible with what the original ost from the game want to make us feel (sadness, hype...) so hope you will like it

    List of battle ost :

    Giorno's theme | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Riot | Hunter x Hunter

    Zoldyck family theme | Hunter x Hunter

    Emergence of Talents | Naruto Shippuden

    Luna | Parasyte

    Hisoka's Theme | Hunter x Hunter

    The Power to Resist | Dragon Ball Super

    A Shield of the Aegis | Kuroko no Basket

    Avalon | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Confront Battle | Sword Art Online

    Unwinnable Battle | Dragon Ball Super

    All Out Battle | Dragon Ball Super

    A Fearsome Foe | Dragon Ball Super

    Broly's Rage And Sorrow | Dragon Ball Super

    Mach 20! | Assassination Classroom

    Takaoka Akira | Assassination Classroom

    The Man of the Reversed Cross | Hunter x Hunter

    You Say Run | My Hero Academia

    The Final Death-Match (Ultra Instinct Theme) | Dragon Ball Super

    Enemy Strike | My Hero Academia

    The True Power of Piccolo (BGM M505) | Dragon Ball

    Keisei Gyakuten | Naruto Shippuden

    Jotaro's Theme | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Rising Dragon | Naruto Shippuden

    The Last Mission | Hunter x Hunter

    New World Symphony | One Piece

    Fiesta de Guerra | Bleach

    Tokiakasa Reru Nazo | Assassination Classroom

    Complex | Parasyte

    Ultimate Battle | Dragon Ball Super

    Cooler's Arm Regenerates (BGM 1312) | Dragon Ball Z

    Dream Tag Match | Dragon Ball Super

    BGM 811 | Dragon Ball Z

    Gas Gas Gas | Initial D

    Ikkiuchi! | Hunter x Hunter


  • speaker_notesInstallation

    adata/sound and put the "BGM" file in.