Anime Shading for Saiyans & Humans CAC

  • descriptionDescription

    Humans body and Saiyans for CAC 100% re-shaded with just over 100 outfits included so far.


    SSB, SSBK, SSR, SSRK, UI, SSG from New Transformations shaded, works with all variations of cac and the clothes added up to this moment.

    New Transformations -->


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    Cuerpo de las razas Saiyajin y Humano para personajes creados (CAC), completamente sombreados con mas de 100 trajes incluidos.


    Aplique un nuevo sombreado a las transformaciones; SSB, SSBK, SSR, SSRK, UI y SSG del mod New Transformations, funciona con todas las variaciones del los personajes creados (CAC) y los trajes aƱadidos hasta ahora.

    El mod de las transformaciones -->

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Drag the "data" folder from my mod to the game directory , you will need XV2Patcher before installing I recommend making a backup of the previously installed HUM/HUF folders

    Pegar la carpeta "data" de mi mod en el directorio del juego, necesitaran XV2Patcher antes de instalar recomiendo hacer un backup de las carpetas HUF/HUM previamente instaladas


    For New transformations

    Install New transformations first, then install Anime shading.

  • event_noteChangelog



    Added 16 outfits


    - Added another version compatible with New transformations (SSG and SSB)

    - SSG and SSB shaded.


    Added SS Blue Kaioken, SS Rose and SS Rose kaioken all shaded.


    - Added 28 outfits

    - Added another version of ss4 bust, great ape suit, golden great ape suit that adopts the hair color of the SSJ, SSB and SSG transformations. This variant is in the folder "Extra files"

    - Tail accessory shaded


    Updated for Ultra Instinct and SS Blue Kaioken x20 (Lazybone)


    -Added 36 outfits (Finished all the colourful costumes)

    -Vegeta GT clothes and Super Saiyan 4 bust remade


    - More Outfits

    - Some colors were changed