Another custom moveset for cacs (SYM/SYF/HUF/HUM/MAF/FRI)

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    This was a moveset requested by one of my patrons.

    Is a mix between Vegito Blue and Goku MUI moveset simple as that, more variation can't hurt rigth?

    • Compatible with all races transformations (Power Pole, Super Saiyan 3, Turn Golden, Purification)
    • Compatible with tail animations for animated tails mods (no esk or tail model included)
    • Compatible with Dual ultimates.

    Well thats it i think pretty simple stuff, you can use it in your mods just credit me.

    If you find any problem please let me know on the comment section

    My Patreon were i take requests and there is a few other mods: Dexio's Patreon

    This is possible only thanks to my patrons, i wouldn't be modding anymore if they didn't support me.

    Thanks to Arcky for the showcase please check out his channel:


    And HUGE thanks to: 

    Jalampin and Bigthebudo

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    Instructions on the files.

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    1.0 release

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