Arcanus’s Random Mod Pack

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    I don't really know why I wanted to upload this. This is a collection of random mods I've made just because, but don't warrant any solo release. Also, don't ask about the thumbnail, I can't give you an answer.

    1 - Blank Eyes (Colorable). Made as a test, and i8t surprisingly worked. Only for human/saiyan males, but I could try to make a version for saiyan females and majins.

    2 - Giant Carrot. Made for a character, just because. For all races

    3 - Golden Poo Stick. Made for another character. For all races.

    4 - Super Saiyan Grump texture file. Made as a test with having layered textures, and I liked how it looked. Obviously based on Game Grumps.

    5 - Killer Wail (Splatoon). An X2M Skill based on Splatoon. Funny thing, despite it having the most "effort", it looks the most unlike it was supposed to.