Ascended Trunks 20.0

  • description Description


    This might be my last mod, if i have the balls i might come back to fix some minor stuff in this mod.

    This mod includes 1 character with:

    • Basic Custom Awoken with a silly nice animation (SSJ-ASSJ-USSJ)
    • Custom stance animations.
    • Custom esk for accuracy purposes.

    I might continue modding if i get some help with donations (no one really cares keku lol)

    Donate or i die


    • Eternity: for his incredible tools.
    • VaiJack: for his high quality portraits. (thanks ma boi!!)
    • UltimosVA and SuperGohanGH: for their cool screenshots!!! (Special thanks to Ultimos, i love this guy! no homo.)
    • The101gmaerchief: I figured out how to get DBL models, but he sended me a model for trunks hair waaaay back, so props to him. <3


  • speaker_notes Installation

    X2M Basic. Beware the Ayuwoki.

  • event_note Changelog

    20.0 (wtf?) first release of this version, i might update it to fix some minor stuff.