Awaken Skill = SS1-SS2-SS3-SSGod-SSBlue-UltraInstinct

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    Here we go!

    it's our first team mod but soon in the future we're going to release more soon... By the way, let me give you explanation how this mod works


    Stage 1 =  Super Saiyan 1 with XV1 old style ssj animation

    Stage 2 = Super Saiyan 2 with XV2 style ssj animation

    Stage 3 = Super Saiyan 3 with new animation and effects ( from cutscene while goku show his ssj3 first time )

    Stage 4 = Super Saiyan God with new animation and effects ( it's custom animation and custom effects )

    Stage 5 = Super Saiyan Blue with cutscene animation and cutscene effects

    Stage 6 = Ultra Instinct with new animation and effects

    Some Extra Info

    SS1 = Power up as you in SS form.

    SS2 =  Push your self hard go SS Second level.

    SS3 =  Find true SS power in deep and find Suepr Saiyan third level.

    SSG = Become Super Saiyan god with extra godly powers.

    SSB = Beyond even a God and great ki recovery godly powers.

    Ultra Instinct = This powerful form yet your opponent can't touch you until you're in this form.


    • Hisao
    • Libra_no_Alexander 190™
    • Niro
    • Nitro
    • Rockeronder H.H
    • Sentaku
    • SK007
    • Specialsnowflake

    Team Discord =


    those current UI hair in pic is made by  Hypersonic2310 ( "Sanic" ChaosBeat ) Thanks For SSB effects to LazyBone.


    Thank for permissions to allow us to use

    LazyBone (SSB Effects assets)

    ChaosBeat ("Sanic") for UI Goku Hair

  • speaker_notes Installation

    X2M things you know that  ;-)

    So enjoy it

    for UI aura to work... you guys need Pride Troopers'  Aura Expansion Pack which can be found at



  • event_note Changelog

    V1 = Released ( Ultra Instinct have auto dodge powers it will drain your stamina for dodging )

    V2(coming soon) = going to make custom SSB and SSG powers in PUP  like we do for UI

    V3(coming soon ) = if possible we will try to make UI moveset transformable at 6th stage


    Hair Update - We will add our version to Ultra Instinct stage at some point in future.


    IDB File Update - now fixed where players are having issues getting skill from shop (not showing up in there)

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