Baby Corruption Transformation – HUM/SYM/HUF/SYF

  • description Description

    What's up folks! Falcon here!

    Today I bring you all a CaC transformation that has been worked on for weeks, Baby Corruption!

    Mod description:

    The mod arrives with a new awoken skill, called Baby Corruption!


    - First Form: after Baby enters in your head, the eyes turn black, the hair turn white and some strange red lines appear on your face!

    - Second Form: Baby gives you even more power, giving you a new armor and making you a lot stronger!

    - Third Form: This is the last stage, Baby completely takes control of you, giving you a battle suit and his hairstyle. You joined the dark forces now!


    - Eternity for his tools

    - Lazybones for his tools and his aura installer

    - Olganix for his tools

    - Arcky for the beautiful showcase

    - Celestial Goku Black for the thumbnail



  • speaker_notes Installation


    - Install the x2m with Eternity's installer.


  • event_note Changelog


    - First release


    - Added hair ids

    - Bug fixes