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    Yeah, i know we don't have an official design for his boots yet so i made 2 different designs: 1st one based on this artwork i've found around:

    Another one using his old boots + color palettes.

    This Bardock DBS Broly pack, includes:

    • Base - ->SSJ3
    • Base - ->SSJ3(Wrapped Tail)
    • SSJ4
    • UI-->>MUI

    Old School Style:

    • Base - ->SSJ3
    • Base - ->SSJ3(Wrapped Tail)
    • SSJ4
    • UI-->>MUI

    Base-SSJ3 and SSJ4 forms have a custom moveset and UI-MUI forms use Goku's UI-MUI moveset and skills. Also, i made a custom stance pose. HG reshade added.

    Thanks to my friends: high-boi Arcky for making the video showcase(You guys better watch it, it took him 8 hours to get it exported 'cause he was high af, T (God bless you wherever you are brodar, even when you didnt add the tail animation support and i had to dot i myself =P) for this custom moveset and aymanfor for HG reshade.


  • speaker_notes Installation

    X2M installer eternity tool:

  • event_note Changelog

    v1.0--> Initial Release

    v2.0--> Fixed double face polygons

    V3.0--> Custom UI-MUI transformation / Custom Moveset

    v4.0--> HG added

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