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    A Bardock Pack I've been messing around with. It Inludes, SSJBE DBZ Bardock, and DBS Bardock. It also includes A summer outfit for Bardock that I made to keep myself busy.




    A Big Thank you to Goketer HighCeiling for the revamp pack and the broken DBS Armour, and Dexio for the Revenge Assault skill.

    A thank you also to Sackezo for the Hair used he sent me it because mine sucked.


    Also a HUGE HUGE thank you to the101gamerchief for his SSBE Vegeta Mod, with out that this wouldn't be possible. IT IS REQUIRED FOR THE SUPER SAIYAN BLUE EVOLVED BARDOCKS. INSTALL THIS FIRST.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Enternitys X2M Method.

  • event_note Changelog

    Fixed the Embedding on the skill, sorry for that!


    Fixed Aura


    Replaced The Shirt on Summer Bardock.

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