Battle Damage Xeno Goku Outfit Cac Transformable Bust 4

  • descriptionDescription

    I've been wanting to make this mod a month now and

    I finally figure out how so here is the mod and it also have

    transformable face forehead and my power pole accessories

    and it is also fighterz shading

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Simply drag this to your HUM file

    Note: if you have trouble with your face like it has no line

    you need to drag the face HUM_000_Face_base.emb

    if you don't install it the face it will have no lines

    and the tail you have to install the tail animation mod in order

    the tail will move i made the boots and rist colorable don't know why

  • event_noteChangelog

    Watch the pictures it will show you the name of the outfit

    (I gotten lazy so im going to show you the picture of the outfit)

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  • UpdatedSep 9, 2019
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