Battle of the Century

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    Hello my friends, this was supposed to be released 2 weeks ago(development start 3 weeks ago), but major bugs took place and I had to restart the whole project from my leftover data. Enough about that, about this Mission now. This mission is counter-parted with Distorted Renaissance. Inside of this mission you will fight 8 enemies getting progressively harder every round. Now let me state this, you all know the drill but this time don't try you won't succeed, I don't care how good you are (unless you mod), DO NOT GO FOR THE ULTIMATE FINISHAlso this quest has 2..(3?) difficulties NIGHTMARE2 and Variation, In NIGHTMARE2 you play as Goku equipped with damage mitigation and increased attack power. In VARIATION you can play as anybody but you can't pick your allies as they have been Pre-selected(they have increased stats) also you have NO DAMAGE MITIGATION in VARIATION unless you use a mod or X2M. Variation can be easier if you use a mod. or harder if you don't. And this quest has A-LOT OF END-LEVEL GAME PLAY.  AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL 100 PQ'S UNLOCKED BEFORE ATTEMPTING IF YOU DON'T IT WILL NOT SHOW UP. Well that's it for now see you some other time.

    P.S If you have any stage mods installed that use modded portraits don't drag STAGE01.EMB into your directory unless you don't care about the portrait being the OG one.

  • speaker_notes Installation
    • Open RaR file
    • Open your Xenoverse 2 directory
    • Make sure the latest Xv2 patcher by eternity IS installed
    • create a folder called data [if its not already there]
    • Click inside the RaR file
    • Pick Difficulty [ONLY ONE]
    • Open the selected difficulty folder
    • Drag folder Quest and Msg,sound and ui into the data folder inside your directory [REPLACE IF NEEDED!!!]
    • Done
  • event_note Changelog

    1: (2/2/18) -Release -disturbed renaissance_phase 1 self_destruct_permanent -price_for_flight self_destruct_permanent

    1.01: -Buffed AI -fusion_fighter_fiasco_self_destruct_temp

    1.02: -Buffed AI -play_character is SS3 goku and not bardock

    2: -new_phase1_distorted_renaissance_live -Buffed AI - Added Brutal - damage_mitigation activated for P1 P2 P3 and P4 (nightmare)

    2.01: -quest_self_destruct_temp(major bug)

    2.02: -quest_reboot (remade from base code) -Massively Buffed AI -Buffed Ally AI -Added Variation

    3: - Massively Buffed AI

    3.01: - Massively Buffed AI

    3.02: - Buffed AI - fusion_fighter_fiasco_reactive

    4: (NIGHTMARE2 IN video) (2/22/18) - Public - removed_brutal_difficulty_size_overload - Buffed AI - Goku whis_gi instead of torn raditz_gi - dialogue_switch variation. - switch_goku_ss3 now ss1

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