Beyond the Limit Pack (15 Characters + New Transformations)

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    It's time for these characters to go beyond their limitations.

    The story takes place after Super and GT.  New enemies have appeared and it's up to the new generation of Z-fighters to combat this new threat.

    Play as a mature Goten and Trunks as well as a teenage Pan. New fusions appear as well with Adult Gotenks and a fusion between Gohan and Goten. Goku and Vegeta have discovered a new transformation past SSJ4, it's overwhelming power has displayed quite a bit of usefulness to them, but with the power of fusion perhaps they can take their power to even greater heights? With the power of fusion they can discover a power beyond even Super Saiyan Blue

    A wandering psychopath with an addiction to absorbing life force has set his sights on earth with Pan as his first target. His overwhelming power and innate abilities are quite the problem for the new team of Z-Warriors.

    It seems another Saiyan has appeared with primal godly might. This new man is Half-Saiyan and Half-Kai, this seemingly abandoned child has decided to attack the man he's heard so many stories about, his father, Son Goku and prove to him who really the strongest in the universe. But will this wandering lost soul find purpose in being the strongest, or will killing his father simply drive him to insanity.

    Vegeta's long lost brother has made his appearance and is taking names. Killing Bulma and Bra, Rigor plans to make Vegeta's life a living hell for what he did in his old life. Rigor's power cannot be matched by just Vegeta, his power seems to grow ever stronger as he continues his crusade against his long lost brother. Is Beerus even capable of stopping his rampage, or will Goku and Vegeta be forced to fuse to combat this threat?


    This pack features 15 characters, all with their own unique story and transformations (except for one).

    Goku (SSJ3 - SSJ4 - SSJ5) (SSJ3 - SSJG - SSJB)

    Vegeta (SSJ3 - SSJ4 - SSJ5) (SSJ3 - SSJG - SSJB)

    Gohan (SSJ - PU - SSJ4)

    Goten (SSJ - SSJ2 - SSJB)

    Pan (SSJ - PU)

    Trunks (SSJ - SSJ3 - SSJB)

    Gotenks  (SSJ - SSJ3 - SSJB) (SSJ3 - SSJB - SSJB2)

    Gogeta (SSJ3 - SSJ4 - SSJ5) (SSJG - SSJB - SSJB2)

    Vegetto (SSJ3 - SSJ4 - SSJ5) (SSJG - SSJB - SSJB2)

    Tenhan (PU - SSJ4 - SSJB)


    Xicor (Ultra Xicor - SSJ5 - SSJL)

    Rigor (SSJ - SSJ3 - SSJ4) (ASS4 - TSSJ4 - SSJ5 - Rigor God)




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