Big Bang Skill Pack (2 Skills)

  • description Description

    Skills: "Big Bang Burst" and "X100 Big Bang Kamehameha MK II"

    Big Bang Burst: Big Bang Kamehameha with the functionality of Burst Kamehameha. NOTE: Visuals are glitched and burst function only works half of the time since Big Bang Kamehameha wasn't meant to have this kind of functionality. I can fix the functionality, but at the cost of the animation. So tell me in the comments, would you rather have a semi-functional burst with the original animation or change to the Burst Kamehameha animation. I can fix the visuals, but it will be a bit because I requests I have to get through. - Fixed. Slighlty buggy visuals but MUCH better. The 3rd and 4th screenshots are the updated Big Bang Burst.

    X100 Big Bang Kamehameha MK II: Is a faster version of the original. When I figure out how, I will increase the range of the attack.

    Both can be bought at the store for 1 zeni.

    Both were requested by "Fozuto Kasai"

    I take requests for skill conversions and custom skills. (If the skill is a blast, then I can't convert it into an awoken because it would be in-compatible with X2M.) If you want me to convert a skill from a mod, then you must get permission from the creator first. If the skill is from a DLC, then you must provide the files for the skill and it will not be released as a mod (which means you must also provide a way to contact you (whether it is discord, email, etc. it doesn't matter))

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    My mods are allowed to be used for your mods if wanted. No credit needed. (Though it would be nice to send me a link to your mod. I'd like to check it out.)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    X2M Method.

  • event_note Changelog

    Updated Big Bang Burst. Now has 100% burst functionality. Smoothed out the model of the beam. Updated the textures.

    Updated to have sound effects/voice.