Blazing Attack – Only the Ki Blast

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  • descriptionDescription

    An edit of Blazing Attack that skips the initial punch and instead fires of the Ki Blast immediately.

    Some notes:

    -The cinematic camera has been disabled

    -The homing effect of the projectile has been removed. Target tracking has been improved to compensate.

    -Ki cost is 100 and damage has been adjusted to be in line with similar ki moves.

    -The animation used is from the Ice Cannon Ultimate. Blazing Attack's normal animation aims downward, so it's not ideal for a forward firing projectile.


  • speaker_notesInstallation

    It's an X2M mod, so it's installed through the usual procedure.

    Once installed, you can purchase it from the Skill Shop for 1 Zeni under the name "Blazing Attack EX".

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