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    Edit: We apologise for the atrocious hair on this mod. We are sorry if we have traumatized anyone. We have now fixed the hair so it is much more clean and nicer.

    This is Broku (KF) a fusion Between Goku and Broly, except Goku is absorbed by Broly instead. This also comes with a custom moveset, and a combination of Goku's and Broly's skills.

    We are a modding group called Syntixis. These are the current members of the group


    DiegoForFun (Model)

    _T422_ (Custom Moveset)

    Arcky & Zall (Video Team)

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    v1.0 Broku + Custom Moveset

    v1.1 Fixed the hair

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  • UpdatedJan 12, 2018
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