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    This mod was made using assets from Xenoverse 2 and Battle of Z.

    Apart from the super saiyan hair from his first costume (one with the blue hair) the hairs were custom made along with the face. I made the body using cac parts and Broly parts.

    The model is by no means perfect, but i'm satisfied with the results for now.

    Unfortunately, there is no legendary super saiyan transformation awaken skill to go with my mod. This is because transformation mods are not my specialty. If someone one wants to help me make one, I'd really appreciate it, but for now this Broly can only go normal super saiyan.

    I made both costumes separate, because they use different super saiyan hairs and to just make my life a little easier lol. Just append them to one slot using the slot editor/mod installer.

    Costume 1 - is based of Broly's first movie appearance, where is under the mind control of Paragus. His hair also turns blue/purple when he goes super saiyan, just like in the movie.

    Costume 2 - is based of Broly's second movie appearance, where his gi is damaged and he is free of the mind control rings. His hair turns the regular ssj color.

    His moveset and skills are the same as the vanilla Broly, along with the voice.

    Before anyone asks, I might make his base form in his new movie costume (Frieza Force Armor) but I might hold off on that till the new DLC drops, then again I might not.

    Hope you like it!

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