Broly (Base-Wrath-SSJ-LSSJ) (Updated)

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    GO BROLY!!

    You Need Azura Aura Pack To Make The Wrath Form Aura Working Link To Azura's Aura Pack

    Well Enjoy The Mod :D

    Includes 2 Characters:

    -Broly(3 Costumes)(Base-LSSJ)

    -Broly(Wrath Stage 2-SSJ-LSSJ)


    Known issue:Gigantic Roar Camera A Bit Misplaced,SSJ Full Power Transformation Audio Not Working


    Armor Is Ported From Dragon Ball Legends Assets With Small Modification

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Install Azura's Aura Pack First :Azura's Aura Pack

    Install This Mod With Eternity's x2m Installer

    NOTE:If you are updating this mod,you need to uninstall this mod first,then install it again

  • event_note Changelog


    2.0:Changed The Bust,Pants,Skirt,Hair,Added Base And SSJ

    3.0:Fixed The Bust,Changed The Face And Skirt

    4.0:Changed The Bust And Face

    4.1:Bulkier Body,Changed the Collar And dyts,Added LSSJ Transf

    4.1:Minor Fixes Around The Chest And Arms(Wrath Stage 2)

    4.5:Added Shirtless Variation(After Battle With Gogeta),Cleaned Armor Model,Changed Wrath and SSJ Hair,Added SSJ Form As Separate Slot

    Note:You can see how this changed by watching the videos on my youtube channel

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