Broly [The Legendary Super Saiyan Pack]

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    BROLY[The Legendary Super Saiyan]

    This is my take on Broly during the movie 'The Legendary Super Saiyan'.

    Many seem to argue that there is not a purple form or a cyan form seperately, but they are the same form but different in colour due to day/night light. Though i understand it i cant see it being true.

    My view on it is throughout the movie Broly starts slipping his power into his final form (Legendary Super Saiyan), our first taste of it slipping is when he attacks Goku while he is sleeping, during their fight Broly (Purple Hair Form) and Goku are almost equals! The next time Broly releases his energy his hair turns Cyan, but not only is his hair lifted & bigger like the standard SSJ2 hair from SSJ1, its more noticeably seen that his power takes a massive jump, for example he doesnt even notice a Super Saiyan Vegeta kick to his neck as he walks towards Goku!.

    So I see it as a sort of power line progression of Brolys true power slipping, each form is just an unstable form of the other. I wouldn't like use percentages as i have no idea, but at a guess I'd say the Purple Hair Form is about 20% of Brolys true power, then the Cyan form is around about 70-80% as hes on the brink of exploding in the Legendary Super Saiyan.

    Mod includes:

    Base form - Rage Form* - Suppressed SSJ Form* All Models were created by Me (JWP)

    + NEW Transformable X2M of all Models

    * Not Official Names


    Silverstriker525 - For helping with knowledge of Shading texture editings

    It'sMeChallat DBXV - For giving birth to the idea with his XV1 Version


    DarkChr - For creating the BCS File for Transformable Broly & Developing the Awaken Skill (What a Guy!)



    BROLY [SSJ5]

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    Eternity X2M Installer

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    v1.0 Final - All Parts fixed including mouth with new Hair

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