Cac Skill – Godly Super Saiyan Transformation

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    After i watched Battle of the Gods i seriously fall in love with the Super Saiyan God Form. But after i started to watch Dragonball Super more i noticed that this awesome Form vanished and we got the "better"  Super saiyan Blue Form. Don't get me wrong i like Super Saiyin Blue but i felt bad for the God Form.

    So i made this little thing . I'm still new to all this modding s***, but i think i got it know.

    Skill is the Shop for 150000 Zeni or 100 Tp . (almost forgot xD)


    V1.1 : Important !!!

    I have not included the hairstyles , nor the eyes files for ssj3 form because there are from different mods.

    The HUM folder i included holds files to get the red hair and eyes in the screenhots. (But you don't need them really)




    Akira Toriyama ,  Dimps and Bandai Namco Entertainment


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Eternity's XV2 Installer for the Skill.

    The rest just drag the HUM files into your HUM folder and pack data 2.

    It is really easy !

  • event_note Changelog

    V1 : Both Version of the Skill "Godly Saiyan" and the HUm files.

    Normal: No Ki and Stamina penalties, small boost in melee, blast and speed.

    OP: Ki and Stamina recovery , plus far greater boost in melee, blast and overall speed


    V1.1 : Added some files for the red eyes and eyebrows.

    V.2 : Updated a bit the stats and edit the description.


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