CAC Voice Pack

  • description Description

    the voices

    Ruby Rose

    Blake Belladonna

    Weiss Schnee

    Yang Xiao Long

    Nick (L4D2)

    Hat Kid (A Hat In Time)

    Mario (Smash 4)

    Luigi (Smash 4)

    Rom (neptunia)

    Ram (neptunia)

    Uni (neptunia)

    Nepgear (neptunia)

    Neptune (neptunia)

    Noire (neptunia)

    Vert (neptunia)

    Blanc (neptunia)

    How to Install:

    Go to DragonBallXenoverse2datasoundVOXBattleCharaen, and place the voices there

    P.S you may hear other CAC that aren't yours in battle or in quests with the voices

    P.S.S it will replace every CAC's voice in game but you can always remove it if you don't want it ok?

  • event_note Changelog

    now with

    Ellis (L4D2)

    Coach (L4D2)

    Kat (Gravity Rush)


    and SNAKE (Smash)