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    Made with Dragon Ball Legends and XV2 assets.

    Portrait by VaiJack8

    Hey guys, I know I said Broly was next but Legends came along and I couldn't resist. This is 50/50 legends and xenoverse assets. The face is custom along with the SSJ2 hair.

    Moveset - Kefla

    Skills- Mostly Kefla's except Blaster Ball which has been swapped out for x10 kamehameha instead. why x10 kamehameha you ask? coz red. Caulifla is all about them red ki blasts, which is also why I recolored Gigantic Burst to being completely red.

    Transforms to SSJ-SSJ2

    This is also fully voiced with Caulifla's English voice which I ripped from Legends. (took ages trying to find her voice files :'(  but was worth it in the end I guess)

    Kale is in the works, and of course Broly is still coming (please be patient with me on that just a little longer)

    Thanks :)


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