Changing clothes Transformation + Poses last for 5 minutes

  • description Description

    - contains 2 types of transformation for Human and Saiyan races (Hair&Clothes, Hair)

    and transformation that changes only Aura for NMC,FRI,Majin races

    - add all poses(temporary power up buff)  last for 5 minutes

    - you can replace transformation's hair or clothes easily through replacing files(dyt.emb/emb/emd/emm)

    - each stage of transformation's hair&clothes number is included


  • speaker_notes Installation

     First, you have to  install lazybone's New Transformation Mod, Pride Troopers Aura Expansion and AZURA'S AURA PACK


    -lazybone's New Transformation Mod:

    -Pride Troopers Aura Expansion:



     Second, copy and paste data folder to the main root of DB Xenoverse 2 directory

    And then Install x2m files that you want with XV2INS.exe

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