Changing clothes Transformations

  • description Description

    you have to download and install lazybone's New Transformation Mod, Pride Troopers Aura Expansion and AZURA'S AURA PACK

    lazybone's New Transformation Mod:

    Pride Troopers Aura Expansion:


    Each transformations are change your clothes to the certain clothes

    The transformations are don't change your hair type except SSJ4

    If you don't want to change clothes, open the transformation x2m files with xv2skllcreat.exe

    then go to BCS, remove x2m costume and save

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Step 1

    -Install 3 Mods in the Preinstallations folder (The installer requires .NET Framework.v4.6.1. or higher)

    Step 2

    -Install the X2m Files that you want with XV2ins.exe

    Step 3

    -Copy each data folders in the Outfits folder to the main root of DB Xenoverse 2 installation



  • event_note Changelog


    - Initial version release


    - Removed Blue&Rose Kaioken x10/20 stages and changed several stage's aura

    - Added short version SSJ&SSG transformations (4 stages)

    - Added SSJ transformations for Namekian, Freeza race, Majin races

    - Added Ultra Instinct Blue/God/Green/Pink/Purple/White aura version for all race

    - Added Super villain transformation for all race

    - Added all cac Poses (Power up skill) without glowing and last for 5 minutes

    - You can use transformations except SSJ(HUM,HUF,SYM,SYF) transformations on partner customization without error