Changing clothes Transformations

  • description Description

    you have to download and install lazybone's New Transformation Mod, Pride Troopers Aura Expansion and AZURA'S AURA PACK

    lazybone's New Transformation Mod:

    Pride Troopers Aura Expansion:


  • speaker_notes Installation

    Step 1

    -Install 3 Mods in the Preinstallations folder (The installer requires .NET Framework.v4.6.1. or higher)

    Step 2

    -Install x2m files that you want with XV2INS.exe

    Step 3

    -Copy each data folders to the main root of DB Xenoverse 2 installation



  • event_note Changelog


    - Initial version release


    - Removed Blue&Rose Kaioken x10/20 stages and changed several stage's aura

    - Added short version SSJ&SSG transformations (4 stages)

    - Added SSJ transformations for Namekian, Freeza race, Majin races

    - Added Ultra Instinct Blue/God/Green/Pink/Purple/White aura version for all race

    - Added Super villain transformation for all race

    - Added all cac Poses (Power up skill) without glowing and last for 5 minutes

    - You can use transformations except SSJ(HUM,HUF,SYM,SYF) transformations on partner customization without error


    -Added Hair-Changed version of transformation for Human&Saiyan

    -Added Hair&Clothing-Changed version of transformation for Human&Saiyan

    -Added No-Changed version of transformation (Aura and hair color) for Human&Saiyan