Cheat Souls and Table and NPC Skills and Unlock All Characters

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    • Disables online play. Because you should under NO CIRCUMSTANCES ever play online with these mods.

    • Unlocks all characters and stages.

    • Makes all Z Souls not previously purchasable at the item shop purchasable for 1 Zeni.

    • A CheatEngine cheat table is included.

    Unlocks the following NPC only skills for purchase (you choose what you do or don't want):

    • Rage Saucer

    • Bloody Sauce

    • Science Vanish

    • Warp

    If you're looking for other NPC only skills, you can find the following skills in the New Transformations 2.01 mod: Black Kamehameha (super), Burst Kamehameha Rosé, Darkness Mixer, Divine Slicer, Dual Masenko, Emperor's Fury, Father-Son Kamehameha, Flash Volley, Instant Charge, Kaokenn Explosion (evasive), SSB Kaioken X10 Kamehameha, Sudden Death Beam (evasive).

    Some more NPC only skills can be found in the X2M Locked NPC Boss Skills in Shop Added Skills mod: Expert Mode, Gigantic Ki Blast, Marbling Drop (all variants), Peeler Storm. Fair warning though: The ones added by that mod have obscenely ridiculous prices. You can grab my edits of those prices to make them more reasonable here:

    Adds two god-tier (cheat) souls, which were just two existing souls modified:

    Your power is 5? ...Scum.

    Raditz's Super Soul


    No Stagger

    Ki & Stam Recovery. (XXL)

    Boosts speed & damage. (XXL)

    [Awoken Skill Activated]

    Auto Guard

    Nullifies most damage.

    40 ton weights!

    South Kai's Super Soul.

    [When the battle ends]

    Boosts score gained 1000x.


    Ki & Stam Recovery. (XXL)

    Boosts speed & damage. (XXL)

    No Stagger

    There is one version of these souls for the base game and another compatible with the New Transformations mod.

    As of version 1.1 there are Options 1 & Options 2 compatible with New Transformations mod. Option 1 is the old stuff listed above. Option 2 is new stuff:

    Raditz's Super Soul


    No Stagger

    Ki & Stam Recovery. (XXXL)

    Boosts speed & damage. (XXL)

    [Awoken Skill Activated]

    Super Armor

    Boost HP/Ki/STA (XXXL)

    South Kai's Super Soul.

    [When the battle ends]

    Boosts score gained 9001x.


    Boosts all the things! (XXXL)

    Super Armor!

    [On Hit]

    Drain Enemy Stamina

    Evil will never prosper here!

    Great Saiyaman 2's Super Soul


    No Stagger

    Ki & Stam Recovery. (XXL)

    Boosts speed & damage. (XXL)

    [Awoken Skill Activated]

    Auto Dodge

    Nullifies most damage.

    This is the power of an Omni-Queen!


    Boosts all the things! (XXXL)

    Super Armor!

    [On Hit]

    Drain All Ki & Stamina!

    The souls were made so that you (probably) shouldn't have too big of a problem if you run into NPC's wearing them as Raditz never uses an awoken skill and I don't know that any NPC uses 40 ton weights. The two souls have differing purposes. "40 ton weights!" is intended for leveling up SUPER quickly. You can go from 1 to 99 in just a few minutes. "Your power is 5? ...Scum." is for a relatively relaxing playthrough. Not being able to be staggered, and auto guarding any attacks against you (not to mention nullifying most damage) makes it so you can cut down the stress and just enjoy playing. Unless you want a challenge... in which case, you should probably avoid anything in this mod entirely.

    I opted for auto guard over auto dodge because I personally found the auto dodge, while cool, extremely annoying. You automatically teleport before using any skill. If while using a skill someone attacks you, you interrupt yourself to dodge (what.) So, forget that. Auto guard all the way.

    This is the Power of an Omni-Queen is a new Zsoul that doesn't replace existing ones that were in use. It's super OP. Basically god-mode. I also added one with auto dodge despite my reservations in case anyone wants to try it out and see for themselves.

    Additional note:

    If you want all +5 QQ Bangs you should grab the XV2 Save Editor 0.6.5.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    IMPORTANT: Before installing anything else you need to open the "[Required] XV2Patcher" folder and copy/paste the contents into your Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 folder.

    Cheat Table:

    To use the cheat table you first need Cheat Engine. You can grab that here:

    That is a link for the non-installer version because the installer can be a bit sketchy and install adware if you aren't careful. So just avoid having to install it entirely and grab the portable version I linked above.

    Once you have Cheat Engine you will run it while you have Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 running. Tab out and in Cheat Engine go to File > Open Process and select the one for DBXV2. Then go to File > Load and select the cheat table included in this mod which is DBXV2.CT located in the "[Optional] Cheat Table" folder.

    You'll have to manually select the cheats you want for now, but you can assign your own hotkeys (right click and assign hotkey). I've included a hotkey to toggle the timer and to toggle one hit kills (F2 & F3). As a note, the infinite stamina does not work. But with the z souls in this mod that shouldn't matter.

    God-Tier Souls:

    Open the "[Optional] God-Tier Souls" folder. You'll note there are two options. Only choose one of these to proceed.

    If you only have the base game, or you have some other mods like Shopaholic, but DO NOT have the New Transformations mod then install Option 1. If you do have the New Transformations mod, install Option 2.

    To install either option you're going to open the respective folders and copy their "data" folder directly into your Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 folder (where you copied the required files earlier, which if you haven't done yet... go do that.)

    You should now be able to find these souls in the Item Shop, along with every other soul.

    NPC Skills Unlocked:

    I'll be upfront... The installation of these skills is going to be a lot more involved than the drag and drop method we've been using so far.

    Before you proceed ensure you have already installed the required files, as you've been instructed to do multiple times thus far.

    Install the XV2 Mods Installer according to its instructions here:

    Note: If you can't find the direct download link for the XV2 Mod Installer it's at the very top of the post here:!DktThKDZ!0UnEFMUOTBv2kjl4WJwYR95lnAHhMKB7kmhF9ACN7ng

    I'll give a brief overview...

    Step 1: Download XV2 Mods Installer (linked just above).

    Step 2: Download Adobe Flex SDK 4.6 here:

    Step 3: Extract Flex somewhere in your system, ideally directly on a system drive. i.e. C:flex_sdk_4.6 (C or any other drive)

    Step 4: If you do not have 32 bit Java installed (and it HAS to be 32 bit even if you have a 64 bit system), download and install the Windows offline version here:

    Note: A lot of stuff requires Java, so you may already have this. I did.

    Step 5: The directory where your game is installed must be writable, or otherwise you will need to run XV2 Mods Installer as Administrator.


    • The "Internal" folder that comes with the two exes is not decoration. The program NEEDS IT.

    • Put everything in folders with only ascii symbols. Avoid extracting the installer and the flex sdk on paths that have non-ascii characters.

    Step 6: Run "xv2ins.exe" which is the XV2 Mods Installer.

    Step 7: Click the little folder with a green + symbol or go to File > Install.

    Step 8: Select each of the NPC skills you downloaded that you'd like to install, one at a time. They will be installed.

    That's it. You should be able to find the new skills in the Skill Shop.



    If you need to update these mods for some reason, due to game updates or whatever, or you'd just like to know how to create these mods yourself... you're about to find out how. If you have no interest in that, you're done. But if you do, read on.

    To create your own custom skills use the XV2 Skill Creator and follow this tutorial:

    One caveat: The tutorial mentions in the IDB section to set the U_0C value to 32, which would not work for me. I recommend setting the U_0C value to 32767.

    To determine how much stamina or ki a skill should display as requiring you'll need gensor to check the bcm file. You can grab that here:

    To create your own Z-Souls or edit existing ones (even the ones I edited) you'll need the ZSOUL TOOL FOR XENOVERSE 2 - EDITCREATE AND SHARE SOULS here:

    When creating/modifying Z-Soul, you should use effect 1 & 2 tabs mainly. The "Basic Details" are stats that are always applied by default. I have added the possibility to uses "Effects" & "Activation conditions" for testing purposes, to see if we can have a 3rd effect. I have tested that myself and found that some effects under "Basic" can be stacked with "Effects 1 & 2."

    To use the tool, you need to load:

    1) talisman_item.idb

    2) proper_noun_talisman_name

    3) proper_noun_talisman_info

    You can use those files that my mod supplies for sake of ease.

    If some considerable time has passed you'll likely need to unpack your game's files yourself to get the most up-to-date files. Here's an unpacker:

    If there haven't been any new updates and you just want the clean files you can grab them here:

    If you have the Shopaholic mod, it's not up-to-date (as of this post) with the latest files.. So you'll have to edit every entry that has a 0 price to give it a 1 zeni price so it'll show up in the shop. The last 7 or so will also need to be set to being in the store. Both of my options have similar changes for ZSouls to the ones included in Shopaholic already, so you can just install my stuff over it. You might still want the other portions of it though to unlock armors and accessories and such.

  • event_noteChangelog

    1.1: Added 2 new souls in Option 2 for New Transformations compatible files. Adjusted existing souls with improvements. Option 1's unchanged.

    1.0: Initial release.

    A note on re-use:

    You are free to:

    - Share: copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.

    - Adapt: remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially.

    Under the following terms:

    - Attribution: You must give appropriate credit, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

    - ShareAlike: If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.

    - No additional restrictions: You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.