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    This is my personal ReShade filter that I created for XV2.

    It's designed to be very colorful and cinematic looking hence the over saturation and film grain. It at times makes the game look like one of the older DBZ movies.

    I've also created a number of custom textures, or altered texture files that I'm including in the download file if anyone likes any of the edits they see in the screenshots. See Installation for more specific details on the character edits. Note that all of my custom textures have what I call "light lines" removed. These are the bright white outlines that surround the edges of the character models. You can see the most noticeable difference in the character selection screen shots I've included.

    You can see some higher resolution versions of the screenshots here

    The thumbnails don't really do it justice, nor does the video I posted. Note the video was only recorded at half it's normal resolution so it looks worse than it does in game.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Download and install ReShade/Mediator

    The download includes a version of the filter with and without the film grain. Choose only one, and copy the files to your bin folder.

    You can use Mediator to disable or edit any of the settings I've made. It's easy to fiddle around with. It seems overly complicated given the number of options, but it's really just a process of trail and error. Basically alt tab out of the game, check one of the boxes, save the settings, then go back into the game to how it changed.

    This is tutorial I used to learn how to use ReShade. I think it provides a good example.



    Pick whichever files you'd like to install. If you need to know what the character IDs are there's a list here...


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