Colorable Mercenary Clothing for Namekians (NMC)

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    Colorable Mercenary Clothing For Namekians

    The bust straps/belts are actually in the pants, so you can mix and match with other busts.

    This mod was requested by Xero on my Patreon :D and theres more stuff there..

    I do many kinds of request, so check patreon, i will be glad to check what you need, in case you have any questions, ask me on discord: MoonMoon#4363

    Supporting me will grant you more CAC hairs and outfits, it really helps me keep going, modding is my only income so i try to take it seriously. :p PATREON.COM/KEKUKEKU

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    Regular x2m Method.

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    1.0 First Release.

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  • ModderKEKU
  • Mod Version1.0
  • Supported Game VersionDon't worry.. Should work in every version!
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  • UpdatedApr 3, 2020
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