Colorful Mega CPU [ALL RACES]

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    GOOD MOOOOOORNING my dear weeblets! I'm back again with another Neptunia mod. This accessory is like a mecha-suit (with visor, boots etc). Works for all races, with custom sizes for each. Again, includes a variety of colors, including white(cuz it's not a color). Again, the colors GLOW !

    AND I also included a skin-colored version for SYF ONLY. (still in beta, probably never getting out. see the last image for details)

    Thanks for checking out my mod, my beloved degenera- And a big thank you to Faylm for additional testing and screenshots!


    NOTE: We have a Discord for Neptunia / Xenoverse stuff. Feel free to come chat with us!

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    -Extract the x2m's -Install with eternity's installer -Enjoy

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    1.0 - This