Cooler Golden Overdose

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    Frieza thought he's golden well not golden enough compared to Golden Cooler.

    Replaced Super Villain Metal Cooler.

    Skills are the same but aura is changed to SSJ3 Aura. Most of you already have a lot of mods so I'd recommend you to skip system folder that contains new Cooler's aura and change it manually(line 00001510, id 54 and replace numbers 17 to 07).


    P.S. All my super villain/time breaker character re-textures won't be x2m, because the point of my mods is to make super villain/time breaker character look cool, cuz in the base game they all look the same and are just a waste of slots. We don't need 2 metal coolers, that's why I'm making something interesting with each super villain/time breaker character.

    Go here to see my other super villain/time breaker character re-texture mods

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    1.0 release

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