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    Cooler Pack, including:

    • 1st Form
    • 1st Form (Battle Suit)
    • 2nd Form
    • 5th Form (Unmasked)

    I have been working on this pack for a while but i didn't get time to make the 3rd form yet. I'll try that for v2.5th form (unmasked) added + new portraits. Thanks to my friend Stephn C for that, he takes all credits for them. Also, i made a custom Golden Transformation for 5th form.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    X2M installer eternity tool:

  • event_note Changelog

    v1.0 -->> Initial Release

    v1.5 -->> 5th Form (Unmasked ) added + New Portraits (Credits: Stephn C)

    v1.6 -->> Fixed the pants/legs part for the 5th form

    v1.7 -->> Fixed names

    v1.9 -->  Golden Transformation added for 5th form

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  • UpdatedDec 8, 2017
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