Corrupted Zamasu Custom Fixed Moveset & Ki Blade (TRANSFORMABLE)

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    Lazybone (for permission to use his Corrupted Zamasu custom skills, animations, and transformation)

    Azura (for permission to use his Fused Zamasu (no halo) skills for CAC)

    Anees Shoaib (for permission to use his original face_base, bust, and rist models, as well as fce.ean and ESK)

    SKB95 (for permission to use his Corrupted Zamasu skills for CAC)

    Gecko03J (for custom selection/battle portrait)


    This mod is my final tribute to Zamasu.

    It fixes the incomplete moveset for Corrupted Zamasu that the devs gave him by filling in his missing combos.


    This mod comes with:

    • Fused Zamasu (Half-Corrupted) regular sized (2 variations with Light of Justice transformation & different skills)
    • Fused Zamasu (Half-Corrupted Giant) pre-transformed with custom moveset
    • Replaces the 2-combo moveset of Corrupted Zamasu with a multi-combo custom moveset for both Lazybone Corrupted Zamasu and official game Corrupted Zamasu boss character. There is a different custom moveset for both the base version AND for the transformed versions.
    • Custom Ultimate Skill "Divine Rage" with custom Fused Zamasu voice audio for both English and Japanese. It acts like an Angry Explosion, but recharges stamina while holding down the button in exchange for ki. It also makes a swirling energy effect on Zamasu that stays until Zamasu flinches, blocks, or jumps without boost-dashing.


    • There is a 1 in 3 chance that the first stage of the Light of Justice transformation will make Corrupted Zamasu repeat the same grunt or laugh twice in a row.
    • Sometimes the back attack of Corrupted Zamasu will make him flicker for a brief second after using it. This was tested and it actually happens in the unedited moveset of Corrupted Zamasu as well. I don't know how to fix this yet.


    • Plan to update the "no halo" Fused Zamasu skills with the official skill updates that Bandai introduced in the DLC 7 patch.
  • speaker_notesInstallation




    1. If you want to install the human-sized Fused Zamasu (Half-Corrupted) transformable character AND fix the game's Corrupted Zamasu moveset with new combos, then ONLY install "Fused Zamasu (Half-Corrupted).X2M"


    2. If you ONLY want to fix the game's Corrupted Zamasu moveset with new combos and DON'T want to install the new transformable character, then ONLY install "Just replace Corrupted Zamasu moveset"

  • event_noteChangelog


    Initial release



    • Updated moveset for all versions of Corrupted Zamasu to make the end of the light combo string kick the opponent away and swing his arm to fire a gust of wind at the launched opponent. This is to more accurately depict the scene in the anime where Corrupted Zamasu does the same to Vegito Blue.
    • Updated the grab for the human-sized Corrupted Zamasu by replacing it with Fused Zamasu's grab.
    • Updated the "Blades of Judgment" skill since some people were having trouble getting the animations to show on it.



    • Made separate installations for previous versions.
    • REMOVED the EEPK patch option for Corrupted Zamasu, because now Corrupted Zamasu will come with the EEPK built-in. Corrupted Zamasu's human-sized version will now always have added special effects such as a fiery sword hilt coming from the hand, sword trail lines with each swing, a pink energy slash for his Light Combo + Heavy Combo attack, and a small energy effect around his hand when he grabs his opponent by the ankle.
    • Added new custom Ultimate skill "Divine Rage". Comes with custom voice clips for any character using Fused Zamasu or Corrupted Zamasu's SKILL voice files. Ever wanted to scream the iconic Japanese actor's "SON GOKUEAAGHH!!" or hear the English dub actor's legendary scream? Well, now you can! ūüėÄ You can find this same skill available for CAC (as well as a pure Fused Zamasu white version) as a separate mod on my workshop.

    Divine Rage is a retooled Angry Explosion that gives the proper animation for when Zamasu screams out Goku's name in a frenzied rage. You cannot be stamina broken in this Ultimate and attacks dealt to you will inflict damage to you while you're using it. You can hold the button down to prolong the explosion and increase your stamina in exchange for ki.

    When Divine Rage ends, it creates a swirling energy effect around Corrupted Zamasu. This swirling energy can continuously be built up more and more as you keep using Divine Rage. However, if you rise from the ground without boost dashing, guard, or flinch from an attack, all of the energy will fade away.

    • Replaced the custom moveset for monstrous Corrupted Zamasu with a NEW custom moveset that blends Broly's heavy-hitting combos with Corrupted Zamasu's combos. This is to make the monstrous form of Corrupted Zamasu feel more savage and berserk instead of elegant. It is a rampager moveset that can be catastrophic if used to its full potential!

    The jump attack was changed too. The only combos that WEREN'T changed are any straight button combo strings: such as 9x light attacks and 4x heavy attacks.

    • Replaced the battle portrait and selection portrait with a custom portrait provided by Gecko03J.



    • Corrected an issue with the end of giant Corrupted Zamasu's light combo string where the air blast projectile that he swings from his arm would always miss the target because he was too large. The projectile fires slightly sooner now in the animation and will have no more tracking problems when it's launched at the enemy.
    • Created a separate X2M character file for a pre-transformed Corrupted Zamasu (Giant) with the custom moveset.



    • Added shockwave basic ki blast functionality to all Corrupted Zamasu variants to match the one for the official¬†Fused Zamasu (Half-Corrupted) that Dimps introduced in the extra pack 4 free update. Simply run the installer and you're good to go!WARNING: IF YOU PLAN TO EDIT ANY CORRUPTED ZAMASU CHARACTER IN THE CHARACTER CREATOR TOOL,¬†AND YOU ALSO WANT HIM TO EQUIP HIS SHOCKWAVE KI BLAST, RUN THE INSTALLER FIRST OR THE KI BLAST¬†WILL BE INACCESSIBLE IN THE CHARACTER CREATOR TOOL!!!
    • Updated the heavy->light->heavy->light->heavy combo string of human-sized Corrupted Zamasu to match the additions to the Fused Zamasu (Half-Corrupted)¬†moveset that Dimps has introduced in the extra pack 4 free update.
    • Updated the Battle Start animation for all Corrupted Zamasu variants to match the new one that Dimps has introduced in the extra pack 4 update.
    • Tweaked the face of the human-sized Corrupted Zamasu so that the seam between the green and purple halves now perfectly matches the original version instead of being a straight line down the middle of the face.
    • Scaled down the purple arm of the human-sized Corrupted Zamasu so that it is more proportionate to his overall size, and realigned the attachment of the hand to the wrist so that they blend together seamlessly.
    • Fixed an issue where some of Corrupted Zamasu's skills were not playing their voice clips unless you had previously installed Lazybone's Fused Zamasu mod.
    • Fixed the battle loading screen so that both versions of Corrupted Zamasu will no longer freeze in place as the loading screen ends.
    • Fixed the stats of the Giant Corrupted Zamasu pre-transformed character X2M; he takes less damage than before, which now makes him completely accurate to the stat buffs of the "Light of Justice" transformation.